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Shiju H. Pallithazheth is the Esteemed Founder and President of Motivational Strips Writers Forum which he started on 19th June 2018. To date there are 7000 members.

Shiju is also the Chief Advisor of World Natıons Wrıters’ Unıon, Kazakhstan on World Literature.
Shiju H. Pallithazheth, who is loved by members of his group, takes selfless time in coaching worldwide writers to improve their acumen with informative articles and motivational posters.
Today the forum has a daily impression of over 140,000 people on its Facebook page and is one of the world’s most active writers forum with nearly 70% of its 7000 writers active.
With offices worldwide handled by 25 Chief Administrators, it has the presence of writers and poets from more than 103 countries.

Motivational Strips Administration

Global Headquarters
Location : Oman 🇴🇲
1, Shiju H. Pallithazheth

🇺🇸 USA Office
US & Canada Region
1, Sabrina Young
2, Barbara Ehrentreu
3, Marc Oscar
Media-Co Ordinator
3, Timothy Payton

🇳🇬 Nigeria Office
Head - Africa Zone
1, Bose Eneduwe Adogah

🇵🇭 Philippines Office
Far East Countries Zone
1, Faciol Maribel

🇧🇹 Bhutan Office
North East Countries zone
1, Kezang Dawa

🇮🇳 India Office
India and Middle East zone
1, Williamsji Maveli
2, Poorvi AInspiraars
3,Destinyy Lightt Speakss
🗣 Moderator Spokesperson
4, Bhakti Sanghavi

🇬🇷 Greece Office
European Countries Zone
1, Chrisoula Mitsaki
2, Andrea Le

🇬🇧 United Kingdom Office
UK & Ireland Zone
1, Sarah Northwood
2, Andrew Fledgeling

🇦🇺 Australia Office
1, Livia York

🇵🇰 Pakistan Branch
Chief Advisor to Founder
1, Muhammad Shanazar
Pakistan & Saudi Arabia Zone
2, Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

🇹🇷 Turkey Office
1, Türkan Ergör

🇲🇦 Morocco Branch
North African Countries Zone
1, Houda Elfechtali

🇹🇿 Tanzania Branch
1, Sakina Shabs

🇸🇨 Seychelles Office
East African Countries Zone
1, Maggie Faure-Vidot

🇹🇹 Trinidad & Tobago Office
Caribbean Countries Zone
1, Arjune Teeluck

🇬🇭 Ghana Office
West Africa Region
1, Waheed Musah

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan Office
Central Asian Countries Zone
Chief Advisor to Founder
1, Kairat Duissenov Parman

The following groups which have the same mission of Writers Empowerment are affiliated to Motivational Strips:

Soul Thoughts Poetry - Founder Sabrina Young
Payton's Place of Poetry- Founder Timothy Payton
Whorled Wide Writers - Founder Williamsji Maveli
How to Write for Success- Founder Brenda Mohammed.

The Forum holds monthly and bi-monthly contests for its members, and winners are presented with beautiful certificates designed by the Founder.
Bold Gold Pen Awards
World’s Literary Pearl Awards

At present entries are being accepted until 30th November for The Temirqazyq -the best poet- Writer of the World 2018. This is a joint effort with the World Nations Writers’ Union led by its Founder and President Kairat Duissenov Parnum.

At times members of Motivational Strips are rewarded with Certificates with a Gold Seal for Golden words used in their writings on the Forum.
Writers who are sixty years and over are recognised and honoured with specially designed certificates.

On 5th November 2018, The Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom was established by the Founder.
The Functional Structure is as follows:

Shiju H. Pallithazheth
Founder & Chancellor

Sabrina Young
Vice Chancellor

Brenda Mohammed
Vice Chancellor

Muhammad Shanazar
Dean - Literary Critic & Assessment

Magie Faure Vidot
Dean - Poetry Analysis

Sarah Northwood
Dean - General Literature

Williamsji Maveli
Dean - Poetry Analysis

Destinyy Lightt Speakss

These are the words of Shiju H. Pallitazheth: "If a poet or writer is not a member in Motivational Strips, it is considered as a vital loss in their career as a qualitative writer."

Please check out the Motivational Strips Website which gives all details about the Forum and the Academy . Click on this LINK and join us.

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