Saturday, 22 December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2018 has been a most productive year for me and I owe my surge of inspiration to the Facebook Group Motivational Strips and its Founder Shiju H. Palllithazheth.
After publishing eighteen books I was about to give up on writing when the Founder of Motivational Strips messaged me and asked me to be an Admin for the group.
His motivational talks made me reconsider my writing career and although I left the group after one month, I returned with new vigour.
The rest is history.

My accomplishments in 2018:
[a] Won 2 awards from Readers Favorite International
2018 for two of my books: I AM CANCER FREE and ZEEKA CHRONICLES.

(b) Published 1 book and one audiobook bringing total books I published to 19.

(c) Was appointed as an honorary member of the World Higher Literary Academic group of World Nations Writers Union.

(d) was appointed as Vice Chancellor of Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom.

(e) Founded the group How to Write for Success.

[f] Built a website for the group HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS.

[g] Working on two more books for pre-order to be published in January and February 2019, bringing total books published to 21.

I want to wish all my friends all over the world a very Merry Christmas and a bright and Prosperous New Year.

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