Monday, 20 May 2019

Library Donations by Author Brenda Mohammed

I was invited on May 18th to a Library function at Naparima College to a photoshoot to present books I donated to the Library.
The photos were posted on the Naparima College Library Facebook page later that day.
There was media personnel present also, so pictures may appear in the local press.
When the Librarian, Andrea Charles, saw KATASHI TALES, she remarked, “The students love Folk Tales. They will love this book.” She looked through the book and loved the content. I told her that the author Shiju H Pallithazheth is from Muscat, Oman. As I was the Chief Editor he was pleased that the book was being placed in school libraries in Trinidad so that students can experience different forms of literature.
I explained that it was an initiative of both Narendra Rajkumar and myself to donate books to schools on the island.
When she saw HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS she loved it too and asked if I would be available at end June to do a session with students on how to write.
She was also very pleased with A Spark of Hope and Memoirs of my Father.

Later that day this message with pictures was posted on the Facebook Page of Naparima College Library.

Naparima College Library
May 18 at 3:44 PM ·
It was a pleasure to have Ms.Brenda Mohammed at Naparima College Library for ROYTEC's Library Day. She is the author of "How to Write for Success" and "Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan". She is also the editor of "A Spark of Hope, An Anthology of Poems for Saving Lives" and "Katashi Tales, Folktales & Fables Unheard". She will be invited to share her experiences as a writer with our students in the very near future.

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