Monday, 3 June 2019


ZEEKA AND THE ZOMBIES is soon to be made into a local play.
Zeeka and the Zombies is the first book in the mind-blowing Revenge of Zeeka five-book Science Fiction series.
It is the year 2036 and it is a high-tech world.
Dr. Raynor Sharpe has a vision of zombie-like men with small heads walking on the beach.
Was he dreaming or was it a reality?
He receives a call from Dr. George Brown.
Upon his arrival he is surprised to hear Dr. Brown say that a zombie visited him, he sedated him and placed him in Room Nine.
He had no name and he called him Number Nine.
The zombie told Dr. Brown that his Master was Zeeka and there were fifty others like him planning an attack on the hospital.
The mystery deepens when Number Nine disappears from the hospital.
Was he really a zombie and was he speaking the truth?
Read a review from an ardent fan: "This was such a fun read. The reading world is crammed with zombie stories, but I'll bet you haven't read one like this. It had the feel of an old black and white sci-fi movie, which I love, blended with modern themes and a more modern medical aspect. Considering the length, I was surprised by how much was packed in it as things zipped along. I really loved Janet and Raynor and found their relationship a nice addition. I'm so curious to learn more about the 'zombies' and Zeeka in the next parts"

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