Sunday, 14 July 2019


The long awaited day for the booksigning arrived - Saturday July 13th 2019.
It was raining a lot that morning and I wondered if I had chosen a bad day.
The manager of the bookstore told me to be there for 3.30 pm but we arrived in the mall at 3.00 pm
The bookstore had no spare table, and fortunately one of our cousins with a variety store next to the bookstore lent us a table and two chairs.
I had taken a white lace tablecloth, which I had bought in Cartagena, Columbia, on one of my vacations, to cover the table.
It fit perfectly.
We unpacked the books and laid them out.
The manager of the bookstore lent us some plastic book stands to display the books.
The Books on display were as follows:
Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka
My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living
Stories People Love
How to Write for Success
Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy
Your Time is Now: A Time to be born and a Time to Die.
I am Cancer Free
Adventures of Squeaky Doo: A Teddy Bear's Adventures
Memoirs of Dr.Andrew Moonir Khan:Journey of an Educator
I also carried a stock of the world-famous book KATASHI TALES authored by Shiju H Pallithazheth of Muscat, Oman.
I signed books, for those who bought, on his behalf as Chief Editor.
The crowd all complimented the display and remarked at the beautiful covers which they said attracted them to buy.
I could not sit down for a minute.
Luckily, Starbucks was close by, and my son got us all yougurt drinks.
People who had a burning desire to become writers purchased HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS.
Science Fiction Lovers bought Zeeka Chronicles and Zeeka and the Zombies.
Teachers bought Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan.
Some chose Your time is Now.
Others who preferred Romance stories bought Stories People Love.
Children chose Adventures of Squeaky Doo and Katashi Tales.
A former government official, who is a great supporter of LITERATURE attended the event and purchased two books- Zeeka Chronicles and Katashi Tales.
The best-selling books were How to Write for Success, Stories People Love, Zeeka Chronicles, Zeeka and the Zombies, Katashi Tales, Your Time is Now, Memoirs of Dr. A. M. Khan, and Adventures of Squeaky Doo
Special thanks to Narendra Rajkumar, Adrian Mohammed, Andre Mohammed, and Florabelle Lutchman, for taking photographs and videos.
Florabelle helped me to prepare invoices.
The procedure was that we prepare our own invoices, send the customer into the store to pay, and after they came back I signed each book.
RIK SERVICES BOOK WORLD took 20% of the sales and gave me my portion in cash right after closing time.
Thanks to the Management of RIK Services and to all who purchased books.
For me, it was a trial event with nine out of the 21 books I published.
More books will be available at RIK Services Book World, at my home, and on Amazon.
It was a very successful event and the whole team felt satisfied.
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