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A Catalogue of Books by Author Brenda Mohammed

Author of the award-winning science fiction futuristic thriller series 'Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka," Trinidad based Author Brenda Mohammed, a multi-genre and award-winning author, has written nineteen books.

a. Six fascinating memoirs.

b. A five book science fiction series.

c. Two children's books.

d. Four books of short stories.

e. One self-help book on How to Write for Success

f. One Crime Fiction

Brenda, a former Bank Manager was successful in her job.
After her retirement from banking, she ventured into Insurance Underwriting.
After six years, she was awarded Life membership in the Million Dollar Round Table, a Premier Association for Financial Professionals.
A diagnosis of cancer changed her career aspirations and in 2013 she became a writer.

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How to Write for Success – Nonfiction, Writing and Publishing
“Valuable nuggets of truth to use within their own writing career.”

I Am Cancer Free – Nonfiction, Memoir, Health and Fitness. Award-Winner in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018.
“It’s emotional, heartfelt, honest and transparent. The author has told the story with true authenticity.”

Travel Memoirs with Pictures – Nonfiction, Memoir, Travel
“This is a great travel memoir. The author has been so many amazing places!”

My Life as a Banker – Nonfiction, Memoir, Banking
“Real and intense. An unforgettable account of the crisis, choices and challenges she faced in her life.”

Retirement is Fun – Nonfiction, Memoir
“A journey of fun and adventure through many travels, work and family life.”

Your TIME is NOW: A Time to be born and a time to die – Nonfiction, Reference & Quotations
“She breaks down each of these verses, and explains them via her own life experiences. A book of reflection, and what is truly important. Simplifying what we have always complicated.”

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator – Nonfiction, Memoir
“The physical and emotional traumas shared in the book bring deep feelings of sympathy and empathy.”


Revenge of Zeeka series

Zeeka and the Zombies (book 1) – Science Fiction
“These futuristic zombies are definitely unique and refreshing”

Zeeka’s Child (book 2) – Science Fiction
“I was caught off guard and my mind was twisted and turned a few times.”

Zeeka Returns (book 3) – Science Fiction
“The key characters remain strong with the secondary ones providing functional support to the narrative whilst not overloading the story with an unnecessary plot diversion.”

Zeeka’s Ghost (book 4) – Science Fiction
“Unresolved issues, regrets and love are all splendidly woven together with the right mix of startling plot twists the author is masterful at.”

Resurrection (book 5) – Science Fiction
“Once you start reading, you have to continue to the end. The author’s imagination is extremely wide and vivid and she really gives you an exciting glimpse of what the future could possibly turn out to be.”

Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy (books 1 – 3) – Science Fiction
“A one of a kind novella trilogy that delivers an incredible story guaranteed to give readers an absolute sci-fi treat.”

Zeeka Chronicles (books: 1 – 5) – Science Fiction. Award -Winner in Readers Favorite International Book Awards 2018.
“There are plot twists that will leave your head spinning and an exciting hunt for the clever mastermind, Zeeka.”


Heart-Warming Tales – Romance, Short Stories
“These stories are uplifting in that they demonstrate the better part of human nature and show how fulfilling life is when people can forgive one another and live in harmony.”

Stories People Love – Romance, Short Stories
“This is a neat and extremely readable collection and shows an author who is able to write fiction and nonfiction elements seamlessly.”


She Cried for Me: Autobiography of a Dog – Children’s, Animals
“A heart wrenching true story of a dog’s love for its mistress and vice versa.”

Adventures of Squeaky Doo – Children’s
“Children will surely fall in love with this likable teddy bear and will want to read about all of his adventures.”

She Cried for Me: Autobiography of a Dog Audible Audiobook
Brenda Mohammed (Author, Publisher), Shaina Summerville (Narrator)


The Gift of Love: Barry Holmes Investigates

What was The Gift of Love and who was the recipient?
The Book is the exciting prequel to a new mystery/detective series Barry Holmes Investigates.
You would not want to miss this.

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