Thursday, 28 November 2019

Two Five-star Book Reviews for Stories that Intrigue

In Chapter 1, Brenda begins the story of Julia and her eighteen-year-old sister Stephanie, who arrived from Trinidad at Heathrow Airport, London.
I really felt excited and felt as if I too went with them, as I sat in my dark study room reading the book.
Why dark?
Yes, dark because I switched off all lights except the reading light.
Julia was 13 years older than her younger sister and became her legal guardian at age 21 when their parents died in a car crash ten years before. This might make readers sad a little thinking of how they have faced life.
But yes, we know responsibility teaches us to do the impossible.
Each of Brenda's stories tells us about the human strength of the mind and the empowerment of wisdom through yards - long experience of selfless living.
Her stories are in very simple English, which is spoken regularly in every country worldwide.
Therefore any reader can relate to them very quickly and obtain the exact message and the moral embedded.
In the next segment, Brenda wrote that Julia had a lucrative job at the island's refinery, but downgraded to a part-time job to look after her sister.
Julia started writing books to supplement her income and became a best-selling multiple award-winning author.
Here all readers I hope can relate to their real life, with hope and hardship.
After reading this, I felt how immensely responsible these characters are shown to the world so that it gives a huge message to this entire globe, how to take care of their families, what so ever needs to be rendered.
Brenda has written this chapter so interestingly that a new tourist or visitor to London, will get clear guidance and won't feel aa a novice if travelling to London.
After the drama which took place where someone was missing, and which I cannot disclose in this review, in the final part when they met the hotel manager Harry, the conversation is so friendly and natural that readers can relate to it with real-life talking.
I felt it's such an intriguing story that readers can't stop reading until they reach the final chapter.

Lost In London

The story begins with the landing at one of the busiest airports in the world, in London.
The Heathrow Airport is always at it's peak time, as the passengers from around the globe commute on this International Terminus.
The airborne passengers are anxiously waiting to pick up their baggage from the baggage carousel.
The flight from Trinidad to London, at Terminal 5 has just arrived, and the two sisters are eagerly proceeding to the Immigration's counter and green belt to clear the process, a must-do at the airport.
Stephanie and Julia are very eager to embark on their, sightseeing spree in London.
The travel itinerary looks full for Julia, an author of 23 Best Selling Books - and maybe the 24th to arrive soon.
And Stephanie has no clue of it.
So how is it going to be accomplished, by Julia?
The travel writing is 'Hot Line' for Julia and her Facebook Indian friend, Sam Jurai.
But Julia has safely tucked away a big secret of this author friend's visit to London from her younger sister Stephanie.
What are the stakes now?
There are no compromises, from either of the sisters, and the plot takes the readers on the roller coaster ride, from the hotel Atrium to the majestic Big Ben!
The intrigue, at the Big Ben spot really catches on the reader's mind.
Stephanie's sudden disappearance causes a real ruckus at the Hotel Atrium in London.
She is 'Lost and Found' in her attempt to meet the 'New Author' friend of her sister from India.
The "Bucket List Travels" then takes you to Switzerland.
The binge and wanderlust of Julia make these short stories really interesting.
By A. C.

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