Monday, 25 November 2019


My father was a school principal and he had a huge library of books.
In that library, he had a large section for children's books, and I must have read every one.
However, I had no desire to become a writer.
English and Mathematics were my strong points and I wanted to work in a bank, which I did.
I received several promotions and when I was transferred to the loans and overdraft department I helped my superiors write Financial proposals for customers to our Head Office.
Many times we received clean sanctions, ie no questions were asked and the proposals were approved.
My superiors at both the branch and Head office recognized my ability and promoted me to managerial status.
I was then required to visit my customers' businesses and submit written proposals for required finance.
Customers, staff, and Head Office all benefited, as the village where the branch to which I was assigned developed rapidly.
The once insignificant village turned into a bustling town.
The bank's profits increased and I was promoted to a bigger branch.
I kept on getting more promotions until I took early retirement and moved into the Insurance field.
However, I was struck by cancer and almost died.
I sought medical treatment in Miami, and after being laid up for more than seven months, I miraculously recovered.
I wrote the book, I AM CANCER FREE to tell people in similar positions that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.
The book became a best seller and won two awards.
I was then encouraged to continue writing and wrote twenty-four books to date.
You can find more details about my banking career in another one of my publications MY LIFE AS A BANKER.

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