Saturday, 18 August 2018

Days of Poetry

Before I started writing books I began to write poetry.
In 2007 after my bout with cancer I wrote this poem and won an award for it.
I have included the poem in my book, I am Cancer Free - A Memoir available on AMAZON


I awoke dazed, confused, where could I be?
Suddenly recalling I just had surgery.
Hooked up to machines, nurses surrounding my
I closed my eyes and covered my head.

The doctor entered, her head bowed,
She uttered that I needed to go abroad,
The surgery was incomplete, and she was sorry.
A malignant tumor was discovered in my left

My husband and I gasped in disbelief.
Fate had bestowed on me such grief.
We thought it was a simple hysterectomy.
I now needed chemotherapy and more surgery.

We immediately flew to Miami,
Where our daughter arranged for me to see
An oncologist at a cancer center;
No other doctor could have been better.

His diagnosis and treatment were very exact,
He prescribed three chemos to stop the cancer
He operated and removed successfully,
Every piece of the tumor that almost killed me.

I am now at home with my beloved family.
I now know how much they love me.
They were at my side as far as I recall,
And God was most faithful throughout it all.


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