Monday, 1 October 2018

Excerpt from the book My Life as a Banker- Dealing with an Irate Customer

Today i want to share a short excerpt from my book My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living.


"Every time I faced a difficult situation on the job, I prayed to God for the wisdom of King Solomon to deal with it.
One day I heard an irate customer quarreling loudly with a male staff member and asking to see the Manager.
He was cursing, using obscene language, and carrying on because his employers did not send his salary to the bank.
I heard the staff member trying to explain to him it was not the fault of the bank and that he should check with his employer, but to no avail.
The staff member was scared and he asked me if I would speak to him.
I must admit that I was scared too but I agreed.
After all, I was the manager and it was my responsibility to ensure that customers were satisfied
When the customer entered my office he seemed shocked to see me.
He covered his mouth with his hands, then apologized profusely for the disturbance he caused.
He repeated a few times, “Miss, I am so sorry. If I knew such a young girl was the manager I would have behaved myself. Please accept my apology. I will do anything you say.”
After offering him a seat, I chatted with him and explained that sometimes there were delays in receipt of salaries from Government agencies. He said he was a teacher and he once worked with one of the best headmasters at the Penal Presbyterian School.
He was unaware that he was speaking of my father.
When I told him that Dr. Khan was my father he was even more apologetic.
He was happy with our conversation and left the bank in a good mood."

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