Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Can you imagine not waking up to an alarm clock ringing in your ears anymore?
No stress banging around in your head.
Just complete peace of mind.
No job that you have to rush off to and no boss to deal with.
You get to spend all day wherever you want in the most beautiful places in the world.
You live like you’re on vacation every day.
I’m so thankful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and am now living the life of my dreams.
I’m happy and so are those who are joining me on this exciting ride.
The ability to be free in all areas of your life is truly a blessing.
This is a well-deserved reward.
The freedom train is rolling on.
Are you ready to uplift your life and take charge?
In RETIREMENT IS FUN, Brenda describes her many wonderful experiences at the end of her banking career.
Brenda proves that retirement is a time to enjoy life and continue to earn.
When one door closes, many others open.
Retirement is when you stop working to live and start working at living.
Follow the author on her remarkable journey
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